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Upcoming Special Events
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Ways & Means Fundraiser & Social Events
Calendar 2017 – 2018

Bake Sales:
Sun. 09/24/17
Sun. 11/19/17
Sun. 01/21/18
Sun. 03/18/18
Sun. 05/20/18
Church Meals:
AOUON BBQ – Fundraiser,                  Sun. 09/17/17
Thanksgiving Luncheon,                        Thur. 11/23/17
Christmas Luncheon,                              Mon. 12/25/17
Chili Cook Off,                                       Sat. 02/24/18 
Easter Sunday,                                        Sun. 04/01/18
Humanist Seder Dinner,                         Sat. 04/07/18
Independence Day BBQ,                        Wed. 07/04/18
Honoring oUUr Father's Dinner,            T.B.A.
Valentine’s Day Dinner,                         T.B.A.            
Saint Patrick’s Day Dinner,                    T.B.A.
Honoring oUUr Mother's Dinner,          T.B.A.
City Events:
Buy Nothing Day,                                  Sat. 11/24/17
Festival of Lights Opening,                   Fri. 11/24/17
Holiday snacks & coffee,                     Holiday Season
Lunar Fest,                                             Sat. 01/27/18
Annual insect fair,                                  Sat. 04/28/18
Day Of The Dead,                                  T.B.A
Social Gatherings:
Halloween Party,                                    Sat.10/21/17
Christmas Party,                                     T.B.A.
Holiday Service,                                     Sun. 12/24/17
New Year’s Eve Party,                           T.B.A.
Yard Sales:
Weekend of: 07/10/17
Weekend of: Fri. 09/09/17

Weekend of: Sat. 11/04/17
Saxuet,                                                   Sat. 07/15/17
Hiroya in Concert,                                  Sat. 10/27/17
Concert,                                                  Sat. 01/20/18
Concert,                                                  Sat. 03/17/18
Concert,                                                  Sat. 05/19/18