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UUCR History


On Sunday evening February 20, 1881, the Rev. James Harvey Tuttle, a Universalist minister from Minneapolis, MN, preached a sermon in Public Hall. He had been brought to Riverside by wagon from Los Angeles by William Charles Finch, one of his former parishioners. Mr. Tuttles’ sermon was enthusiastically received and gave Universalists in the community an opportunity to recognize each other as such. As a result Mr. Tuttle returned to Minneapolis with the charge to find a Universalist minister to come to Riverside on a mission to establish a church.

This was taken sometime after 1905. Notice the hitching posts along the road, and rails down the center of what is now Mission Inn Blvd. In 1900 Riverside began transitioning from steam trains to electric streetcars, subsidized and managed by Frank Miller, builder of the Mission Inn.